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Frankfurt is ideally geographically positioned for bus excursions to other European countries (France, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, England, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England). Our bus fleet and competent staff is there for you to enable service at the highest level to make your travel experience a memorable one.
Europa Coaches Frankfurt is an easy option if you wish to explore German cities. With our vast German experience and a depots located in Frankfurt, Paris, Ljubljana, Prague, London and Rome we don’t only offer competitive pricing but also great bus service. Our flexible tour approach and extensive experience with the road system in Germany will make your tour a safe, punctual and comfortable one. Listed below are some of the destinations located in Germany where Europa Coaches Frankfurt drives.
List of bus tours in Germany

Distance of 305 kilometres from Frankfurt, Munich is easily accessible with our buses, minibuses or vans. Europa Coaches Frankfurt makes sure that you fully experience Munich attractions. Munich is a popular destination for visitors coming to Germany on tours. It offers a great tour variety in one city. We guide the tour through numerous parks, including the world’s largest urban public park – English Garden. The park includes around 100 bridges and encompasses an area of 910 acres. It is notorious for it’s beauty. Many famous churches are to be found in Munich. Our tour will take us to St. Peter’s Church, with it’s Gothic style offers a panoramic view from it’s tower. The view is stretched as far as the Alp region. Frauenkirche is the most famous church of them all. Also called the Cathedral Church of Our Lady has been the leading metropolitan church of the South Bavarian provinces. It’s size alone testifies about it’s importance, with the length of 109 meters, 40 meters width and two 100 meter tall towers it truly is a majestic church. The central point of the city is the large open square Marienplatz. It is a great choice for those wishing to stop in different department stores, boutiques or restaurants. It is one of the biggest pedestrian zones in Munich. During the tour we will make sure to have a rest at one of the best beer halls in Germany Hofbrauhaus and really experience the Bavarian hospitality. We would continue our tour at the Residence Palace of Munich which holds 130 rooms on display with it’s antique rooms dating back to the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical era. German museum is also on the tour list, promising to give a look into enchanting collection of historical artifacts. Visiting Munich, stopping at the historical sites and having a great german beer all under Europa Coaches Frankfurt perfect tour organisation guarantees an unforgettable bus trip!


Our coaches are at your disposal to take you to a five hour drive to Berlin. The capital of Germany, Berlin has had a rich history. When visiting the city the historical imprint is even more obvious. We would take you for a comfortable tour with our buses through famous historical landmarks such as the Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre, Potsdamer Platz and Berlin Cathedral. The Brandenburg Gate is also one of the mayor structures that define Berlin. Reichstag holds similar importance, it is a place that would offer our tour a great view of the city life. Come and visit Berlin with Europa Coaches Frankfurt, the best way possible!


Want to experience Hamburg in a comfortable way using the highest quality buses and experienced staff? Europa coaches Frankfurt is here at your service! Hamburg with it’s port holds great importance for the countries shipment of goods. The harbour area covers 100 square kilometres and stretches through canals deep into inland area. Despite it’s economic importance for the country, Hamburg holds numerous touristic attractions that are easily explored with our coaches. To mention a few: Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg Rathaus, St. Michael’s Church, Great Lakes: Inner and Outer Alster, International Maritime Museum and many more. Share this experience with the best coach transportation company, share it with Europa Coaches Frankfurt!


Located two hours bus drive northwest from Frankfurt, Cologne is a cathedral city located on the river Rhine. Whether you prefer a bus, minibus or van our fleet will make you’re desires a reality. It holds great commercial and cultural importance for the western part of Germany. Cologne is called a cathedral city after it’s 12 Romanesque churches, with the most famous Cologne Cathedral. Cologne was heavily influenced by the Romans which made it into a provincial capital and a military stronghold. The traces of that period are still visible in numerous buildings dedicated to arts. Bus tour to Cologne is indeed a worthwhile experience since it offers a lot to those seeking to visit galleries and museums. If your planning to visit Cologne with coaches and experience the very best bus service, please let us now, Europa Coaches Frankfurt will make sure everything runs perfectly smooth!
List of bus tours to European countries
Europa Coaches Frankfurt invites you to take a tour to some of the most interesting tour destinations located in other European countries (France, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, England, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England). Our bus services are tailor-made to suit your needs may it be a bus, minibus or van. Pricing is highly competitive since we have our depots located in London, Frankfurt, Prague, Rome, Ljubljana and Paris. Listed below are countries where tours with Europa Coaches Frankfurt are made.


images aust2
Bordering to Germany, Austria provides excellent opportunities for bus excursions. The tour to Austria takes a little more than 4 hours drive from Frankfurt. Whether you are interested in the natural wonders and ski resorts of the Alps region or you prefer the historical cities such as Vienna and Salzburg, Europa Coaches Frankfurt offers it all. Flexible tour packages and accomodating tour guides will make sure that you experience Austria to the fullest!


ita ita2
Little under 6 hours drive from Frankfurt, Italy is named ‘Bel Paese’ – beautiful country for a reason. It is a country that offers diverse options for bus sightseing tours. Our bus tours would take us to cities like Rome, Firenze and Venice which are visited by millions who wish to explore historical buildings and high art. Mountains, alpine lakes and beautiful coasts are perfectly suited for those who wish to enjoy in natural surroundings. There are a lot of tailor-made tour options available for you to choose from. Europa Coaches Frankfurt would be happy to accommodate you!


france france2
Home of great vine, food and music. Our buses would need little bit under two hours to take you from Frankfurt to France. Wheter you wish to explore the south of France and experience cities like Nice, Marseille and Avignon or you wish to visit the capital Paris, Europa Coaches Frankfurt offers a wide variety of transport options. France is a ‘muss see’ country. World famous historical monuments such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Palace of Versailles and many others are a mayor attractor for our guests every year. With our vast transport experience and professional bus service we know how to best organize a tour to France. Welcome!


england1 england2
Lying a good 900 kilometres northwest from Frankfurt is one of the most visited and influental countries in the world, England. Europa Coaches Frankfurt have a depot located in England which makes touring with us an easy choice since we can truly offer competitive price packages. Numerous tourist sites and locations are there to be discovered in England with our buses. From the capital city London, where our coaches can take you through a comfortable tour, stopping at most famous sites like Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and many more. Plan a tour with us since our tailor-made tour packages can take you all across England. Take one of our comfortable buses and visit Stonehenge, ancient monument made of large stones placed from 3000-1500BC. Have a tour at historic Yorkshire with it’s unique towns and countryside. For those seeking to experience nature our bus tour through Lake District National Park will trully be a wonderful experience. Europa Coaches Frankfurt is here for you, to make the best tour to suit you’re specific needs!


swis swis2
Europa Coaches Frankfurt drives many visitors every year for touring to Switzerland. Switzerland has the largest European waterfall – The Rhine Falls. One of the highest mountain peaks in Europe – Matterhorn. The tallest fountain in the World in Geneva. All on the list of our tours. Cities like Geneva and Zurich offer further possibilities for enchanting museums, nice restaurants and alternative arts explored with our coaches. Why not visit Switzerland? Europa Coaches Frankfurt will make sure that you’re tour is a superb experience!


hun hun2
Hungary lies little less than 800 kilometres from Frankfurt. Our coaches will make the tour an easy and comfortable experience. Turkish invaders and Italian Renaissance designers left a mark on the countries architecture giving it a unique look. The capital city Budapest draws many tourists which are curious to see how the ‘city of lights’ looks like. Europa Coaches Frankfurt wil guide you to the cities fantastic scenery, quaint villages and the majestic Dunabe river. Hungary offers a lot more than just Budapest, the country is known for historic Spa towns that not only relax the body and mind but enable you to culturaly experience the country. Lake Balaton with it’s spectacular scenery, city Sopron with it’s well preserved medieval and Baroque buildings are all possible with our flexible tour packages. Have a great tour experience, visit Hungary with Europa Coaches Frankfurt!
Czech Republic

zech zech2
Travel time to Czech Republic is about 3 hours and 40 minutes with our comfortable coaches. From the moment we enter Czech Republic we feel the influences from East and West Europe colliding. Czech Republic however geographically belongs to Central Europe. City Prague, perhaps the most known tourist place in the country indeed offers a lot. Famous romantic getaway for couples with mayor tourist sites such as Prague castle, Prague’s Charles Bridge and many other historical structures are all a part of our bus tour. Brno is another city on our tour list that offers a lot, such as the beautiful Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Špilberk Castle and Brno City Museum. Amongst the natural sites our tour will take us, is Eastern Bohemia, which stands out due to it’s massive rock formations and splendind forests. Czech Republic is waiting for you! Come and visit it with Europa Coaches Frankfurt!


poland poland2
Poland has long been an attractive option for our guests to visit with our coaches. Breathtaking cities with historical landmarks and majestic nature are all reachable within 5 hours bus drive. Warsaw as the capital city, invites visitors to explore it’s old town with magnificent buildings, parks and markets. Krakow sees tourists visiting it’s main market square and churches. Gdansk offers fantastic scenery from it’s St. Mary’s Church and numerous historic sites. All the places on our tour list. Amongst other attractions we recommend visiting Malbork Castle, Bialowieza forest and Masurian Lakeland with our coaches. Poland offers a lot to experience, make it with Europa Coaches Frankfurt, to make it the best experience!


belgium2 buljim
Located 2 hours and 40 minutes bus drive from Frankfurt is Belgium. Brussels, Antwerpen, Bruges just to name a few, are amongst the reasons why to visit Belgium with our coaches. Belgium as a place where European politics is made, great beer produced and tourist attractions abound would sure make for an interesting tour. Whether your having a walk in Grand Place – main square in Brussels, visiting the diamond capital of the World in Antwerpen or perhaps sightseeing in unique architectual city of Bruges, Europa Coaches Frankfurt makes sure you experience it all. Splendid forests and suburbs sorrounding the capital of Brussels offer a great gateaway from the busy city life. In nature or in the city Europa Coaches Frankfurt is here for you to provide the perfect bus tour.


neth neth2
Distance of 260 kilomeres bus trip from Frankfurt are the Netherlands. Are you interested to visit museums? Than Rijksmuseum of art and history located in Amsterdam is the right fit for you. Are you perhaps wishing to see the famous dutch windmills in person? Visit Kinderdijk village. Are you romantic or you just like flowers and want to experience the world’s largest flower garden Keukenhof. You heard about the famous Leiden canals running through the city and you want to experience them first hand on a bus tour? For this and more Europa Coaches Frankfurt are here at your disposal to assist you in any way we can!


slovenia1 slovenia2
8 hour bus drive away from Frankfurt lies beautiful Slovenia with it’s numerous natural wonders and changeable landscape. Observing the natural scenery from the comfort of our coaches and stopping at mayor tourist attractions a long the way. The capital Ljubljana with it’s middle age architecture inspired by it’s most famous architect Jože Plečnik offers a lot to it’s visitors. One hour drive from Ljubljana our tour would take us to the famous lake Bled, with the Island and Castle as it’s most famouse features. We would continue our tour to the seaside through modern touristic city Portorož and historic city Piran. Slovenia tour is worthwhile trip for those who would like to experience seaside, mountain range and historical landmarks all located close to each other. Visit Slovenia, visit it in a comfortable and memorable way with Europa Coaches Frankfurt!